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Module 1 VBscript Syntax Rules
The foundations of VBscript to help you learn the proper VBscript syntax and some rules to follow to help you be an efficient automation engineer with QTP / UFT.
Unit 1 Notes for VBScript Syntax Rules
Unit 2 Free: Intro to VBscript for UFT and Rule 1 of VBscript
Unit 3 1.2 Rules 2 - 4
Unit 4 1.3 Rules 5 - 7

Module 2 VBscript: Statements
All the essential statements you need to know for conquering VBscript.
Unit 1 Notes for VBscript Statements for UFT/QTP
Unit 2 2.1 Call
Unit 3 2.2 Call part 2
Unit 4 2.3 Call part 3, Class
Unit 5 2.4 Const; Dim
Unit 6 2.5 Erase, Execute
Unit 7 2.6 Execute Global
Unit 8 Free: Career Wisdom for UFT Automation Engineers
Unit 9 Free: Career Wisdom 2, Exit, Function
Unit 10 2.9 OnError, Option Explicit
Unit 11 2.10 Private, Redim, Set
Unit 12 2.11 Set part 2

Module 3 VBscript: Loops
Here comes the fun part. Creating loops in your code makes things much faster and more efficient. Find out for yourself!
Unit 1 Notes for VBscript Loops for Automation Testing with UFT/QTP
Unit 2 Free: Basics of Loops in UFT
Unit 3 3.2 For Each Loop 1
Unit 4 3.3 For Each Loop 2
Unit 5 3.4 Do Loop While
Unit 6 3.5 Do Loop While 2
Unit 7 3.6 Do While Loop, Do Until Loop
Unit 8 3.7 Do Loop Until, While Wend
Unit 9 3.8 For Next
Unit 10 3.9 For Next Part 2

Module 4 VBscript: Variables, Arrays, Constants, and Dictionaries
Other important parts of programming that will give you a sound foundation at your job as a QTP/UFT Automation Engineer.
Unit 1 Notes for VBscript VBscript Variables, Arrays, Constants and Dictionaries for Automation Testing with UFT/QTP
Unit 2 Free: Career Wisdom for UFT/QTP Automation Engineers
Unit 3 Free: Data, Variable, Constants
Unit 4 Free: VBscript Date and time constants
Unit 5 4.4 Concatenating
Unit 6 4.5 String Constants 1
Unit 7 4.6 String Constants 2
Unit 8 4.7 &_operator
Unit 9 Variable data types and subtypes
Unit 10 Defining variables
Unit 11 Variable naming rules
Unit 12 Variable naming rules and Hungarian Notation
Unit 13 Using Hungarian Notation
Unit 14 Variable scope and the assignment operator
Unit 15 Creating a VBscript game to do arithmetic
Unit 16 Coding the arithmetic game
Unit 17 The answer to the arithmetic game
Unit 18 User acceptance testing of the game
Unit 19 VBscript environmental variables
Unit 20 Viewing environmental variable values
Unit 21 Environmental variables and summary
Unit 22 VBscript arrays
Unit 23 Example of arrays used in an Automated Testing Framework
Unit 24 Single-dimension arrays
Unit 25 Multi-dimension arrays
Unit 26 Example of 3D array
Unit 27 Processing arrays
Unit 28 Processing arrays 2
Unit 29 Resizing arrays
Unit 30 Dynamic arrays
Unit 31 QTP/UFT function with the dynamic array
Unit 32 Dynamic arrays continued
Unit 33 'Erase' reserved word and Dictionaries
Unit 34 Dictionary properties and methods
Unit 35 Comparing dictionary to an array
Unit 36 QTP/UFT function using a dictionary
Unit 37 QTP/UFT function using a dictionary 2
Unit 38 Free: Summary of Module 4

  • Jon Zapolski

    What is the name of the book for learning vbscript that you mention in Module 1-Unit 3 to have as a reference?

    • QTPtutorialnet

      Take a look at our resources section: the second book,https://www.qtptutorial.net/resources/. There are other helpful resources there if you want. Especially those QTP books. They are older now, but still have so much amazing content!

  • Jon Zapolski

    Thanks! I didn’t think of just clicking on Resources menu. I clicked the sub menu items instead. Good stuff!

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