Try these 3 things for a quick salary raise!

Hey automation lovers. Today, I want to cover an import strategy that will increase your pay in a matter of minutes. When it comes to negotiating your salary or rate, people tend to be a bit shy. I want to remind all of you that this is a business, and all parties involved in this business aim to increase their own personal benefit. This is just part of the business and should be treated as a business move. Many individuals will make this part of the business personal and may feel that if they ask for more money, they are being greedy or unethical. This is absolutely not the case. When you're speaking to a recruiter about your salary, the recruiter aims to get your salary as low as possible to receive a higher payout for themselves. They are in this business to make money, and so are you! So this is your chance to empower yourselves and get yourself in a higher paying position. How do you do that?

1. The contract renewal. This tip is for individuals who already have a job and who are about to renew their contract with their employer. If you are about to renew your contract, this is your chance to renegotiate a higher salary. If a company is renewing your contract, that means they like your work and think you're a valuable team member. Before the renewal, ask for a $5/hr raise. That is an extra $10,000 per year! The company doesn't want to spend time interviewing and looking for new employees to replace the time they've invested in you. They will be pleased to pay the extra $5/hr!

2. The re-bargain! This one is really simple, but it works! When speaking to recruiters, always raise your expectations by $5-10/hr. The recruiter gets paid when you're hired for a position so they want to make sure they don't turn you away as well. No recruiter will immediately shut you down if you ask them for more money. They will bargain with you and try to come as close to your needs as possible. Don't settle for the first number they offer you!

3. The offer re-negotiation! This is the money maker! I suggest going about this strategy if you already have another offer or position. When you get hired, you will receive an offer letter. You don't have to sign the offer letter and start the job. You can renegotiate. It's great to have another offer or position at the same time you receive this offer letter. If you do, you can rebuttal their offer with "Hey, I appreciate the offer, but I also received another higher offer. However, I loved interviewing with your company and I enjoyed meeting all of the team members. Can you raise the salary to $xxx,xxx and I will sign the paperwork today?" Because that company took the time to pick you out of all of the other interviewees, they are emotionally and mentally invested in you. This is a great time to bargain for a higher pay!

Hope this article helps! Please leave your comments and questions below!

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