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    I want Airlines jobs

    • I’m sorry Kazi, but that’s an industry we are not affiliated with. We specialize with QTP and automation and if that’s something you’re interested in, you can get started with our beginner videos at Best of luck Kazi.

  • md. belal hosan

    what type of jobs you are offering…………?

    • We specialize in teaching all the necessary skills in order for individuals to master quick test professional. These skills translate well across other automation tools as well. Our tutorials are helping individuals jump into the QA automation industry and earn high paying salaries. We cover everything from the technical standpoint, which is the most important aspect of getting a job in this industry.

  • Morshed Hossain

    What is QTP? what is the actual motive behind it? How will i get benefitted? explain in detaik please

    • It is a tool for automated testing. The benefit is that it allows you to create manual tests and run them over and over again to validate that the code is properly working. It allows you to save time on manual testing and makes the QA effort much easier and more efficient. It helps the entire team to test more of the application, faster. Imagine replacing 3 manual testers with 1 automated tester who can do their work. It saves the company money and so everyone is happy.

  • Md.Shoud Mahadi George

    My Name is Md.Shoud Mahadi George.Recently i just complete my graduation from Daffodil Intenational University on (EEE).So i Need a job ..Please Help me ….

    • Hi George. Congrats on the graduation! Here at, we offer everything you will need regarding your technical training for qtp/UFT automation. We have content covering beginner to advanced skill levels. What’s your current skill level?

  • mridul

    hi..i’m mridul still here in feni working a mobile duty is technical support for citycell. need to any help for my aim.

  • Md. Abdullah Al Manjur

    I Want a company job

  • Hi there,
    Nice to meet you 🙂 ,
    I am interested and motivated to the software and engineering lines,
    I’ve joined to mit app inventor, worked personally with android custom rom and expert in solving simple problems of android that happens in public view, have a poor knowledge about scripting 🙁 and also I’ve an website named: (well, it is under developing still now on but you can feel the charm there for sure). I want to join in this site of programing and developing for life time and make anything nice by my creativity. so, now the question is what should I do to make myself more inspired and progressive to my work and how can you guys help me to bring out my best to my interested aim?

    I am a student just get rid (!) from College life {actually H.S.C (known as Class 12) candidate}
    Thanks in advance for your reply.

    • Hi Anonto. It sounds like you have some great experience under your belt. To become an automation tester, a developers background is always nice to have. We have a full VBscripting course under our Premium Insider Membership. This should give you a lot of practice in terms of getting comfortable. You should also watch our basic QTP/UFT videos at so you can get started. Considering your experience, you should have no problem learning QTP/UFT. If you have any techinical questions, feel free to reach out and we will gladly break things down for you 🙂

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