Here we have a list of all of the BEST tools that we have found through our automation careers. We only recommend useful and most essential resources that will push you and help you grow in the automation industry. These tools have helped us out a lot and led us to where we are in our careers. We are affiliates for these particular tools because we have used them personally and they have helped us on our journey as well.

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QuickTest Professional Unplugged

This book is perfect for any level. If you are a beginner then you absolutely must read this book. If you are an expert, even you will learn so much from Tarun Lalwani, the QTP guru. Even to this day we always refer back to this book for new solutions to our problems.





MicrosfotWSHMicrosoft WSH and VBscript Programming for the Absolute Beginner

If you are trying to become a QTP Automation Specialist or are already one and have not read this book, then you are seriously limiting your earning potential. This is the best VBScript book that we have ever read.





QTP Descriptive Programming Unplugged

This book has so much amazing code and insight. The time that you will save by reading this book will make you an invaluable employee to your company. From experience, we believe that over 75% of the individuals working with QTP Automation know less than 5% of the concepts in this book. Be more valuable than the rest!






Yes, there are Free tools that you can use to help your career. So many sad QTP Engineers are still using Notepad and wasting precious money for the company. This free tool looks much better, has great formatting and countless plugins to save your time. Did we mention, it’s FREE.




QTPThe UFT API Testing Manifesto - A step-by-step, hands-on testing guide for the masses

I bet 90% of you did not know that automation using Web Services gives a much higher ROI to the company as opposed to automation using a GUI. This means that as a QTP Automation Engineer, you will be much more valuable to any company. During hard times, you will not have to worry about job security because knowing API Automation is a rare and phenomenal skill. This book has some fantastic examples and explanations of how to do API testing with UFT.




Automating Automation

This is a fantastic book for all of the beginners. It lays a great foundation for how to integrate QC and QTP together. This is knowledge that is missing from many individuals! We admit, this book is a bit outdated, but the concepts such as functions, automation frameworks, and variable naming conventions are concepts that will create the best QTP Automation Engineers. We have not seen this kind of advice in many other places.





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  • Herly Mathen

    Thanks for recommending these. Quick test professional unplugged broke everything down for me. After reading it, I understand everything I was missing. Very helpful!

    • Very happy to hear this. And remember, we are always here to help as well and explain anything that you are unclear about!

  • David Hopkins

    I actually took the time and went through all of these books in the last 3 months. Great material and I’m definitely noticing how much better I am at my job. Keep posting these types of materials!

    • That’s awesome. So glad that you see an improvement! These books are so useful. I know very few individuals who know the information from these resources. By knowing the content, you will be far better than most QTP Automation Engineers.

  • Rahul Patel

    I had a technical screening last week and I wanted to brush up on my technicals beforehand so I read qtp descriptive programming unplugged. Got an interview the next morning 🙂 thank you and I love the tutorials! Best by far on the web!

  • Tassan Gustafson

    Qtp descriptive programming is the best book on qtp by far! Thanks so much!

    • I love this book myself. So much amazing information! More people should read it.

  • Rahil Patel

    The vbs resource book is great! Can we have some videos on vbs? I’m struggling with some of the concepts.

    • I completely agree with you! We are going to release an entire series on VBS, covering all of the topics. That’s the next project on our list, so stay tuned 🙂

  • Richard


    Below I believe I entered everything as it was on the 4.02 video, but when I run it with my VBSedit nothing happens. I don’t even get an error message. Can someone point me in the right direction. Thank you.

    Const TITLE_BAR_MESSAGE = “A wonderful story”
    MsgBox “”,vbOKOnly,TITLE_BAR_MESSAGE
    MsgBox “really likes teaching”,vbOKOnly,TITLE_BAR_MESSAGE
    MsgBox “QTP Automation”,vbOKOnly,TITLE_BAR_MESSAGE

    • qtptutorialnet

      Okay Richard, so by copying your code, I came upon the following issue in VBsedit on all of the lines:

      “KMGGMSVZ.vbs(3, 8) Microsoft VBScript compilation error: Invalid character”

      After further investigation, I realized that your quote(“) characters were not actual quotes but some other characters. Not sure if you copied this code from somewhere and it got transformed into this. This happens sometimes when copying text around.

      What tool are you using for your VBscript learning? Whatever the tool is, you should have received a similar error message in your Debug pane.
      How are you liking the tutorials?

      Also, have you seen our ‘Notes and Code’ section. You can take that code for your learning.

      • Richard

        Hello, I am using VbsEdit – 64-bit version for my VBScript. I changed all the quotes and as you said it worked right away. I must have copied it from somewhere. The tutorials are great I am learning so much. I look forward to learning everything I can from you.

        Thank you for your quick response

        • QTPtutorialnet

          Awesome Richard!!! So happy it worked for you. Keep a lookout at the bottom Debug tab of the VBsedit software so that you can see all of the errors that it gives you. It will even tell you the line number where the error occured. Try to debug from there.

          Glad you like everything man. Let us know if you need anything else!!

  • Bimal

    I was able to get response but checkpoint fails. After further investigation I noticed that the response in the log is in HTTP Body format instead of SOAP. I am refering from Result Details>Capture Data >Web Service Call HTTP Snapshot.

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