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Module 1 Developing a real time Keyword Driven Framework
In this module, we will develop a Keyword Driven Framework from scratch using Unified Functional Testing. You will get to see a real-time project that is being developed and tested. This course is designed to mimic real life, agile development process to show you what it is like to be an Automation Engineer with QTP / Unified Functional Testing. You will see everything happening in real time with excellent instruction and phenomenal video quality. At the end of this course, you will be capable of creating your own Keyword Driven Framework from scratch.
Unit 1 Keyword Driven Framework - all code and assets
Unit 2 Free: Introduction to developing a KDF with UFT for a real application
Unit 3 Free: Starting the development of the framework
Unit 4 Free: Setting Up the Folder Structure
Unit 5 Free: Code to Open the Application
Unit 6 Free: Setting Up a Checkpoint
Unit 7 Free: Debugging the Checkpoint
Unit 8 Free: Opening 'My Account' Page
Unit 9 Debugging clicking 'My Account' link
Unit 10 Getting to 'My Account' page
Unit 11 Setting up functions for logging in
Unit 12 Creating a debug mode for the functions
Unit 13 Setting up the final checkpoint
Unit 14 Creating a function to open app and login
Unit 15 Continued development of the function
Unit 16 Moving debugMode to a better location
Unit 17 Moving debugMode to a better location 2
Unit 18 Refactoring functions in Main.vbs
Unit 19 Refactoring the login function
Unit 20 Refactoring the login function 2
Unit 21 Successfully running the login function
Unit 22 Debugging the getImage function
Unit 23 Validating that login function fails appropriately
Unit 24 Validating that login function fails appropriately 2
Unit 25 Validating that login function fails appropriately 3
Unit 26 Move the login function to it's own function library
Unit 27 Add a function call to the Driver Script and add details to the spreadsheet
Unit 28 Summary before running the Driver Script
Unit 29 Starting to refactor the Driver Script
Unit 30 Debugging the deletePrintLog function and disabling run results
Unit 31 Debugging fn_createUniqueFolder
Unit 32 Debugging fn_importAllExcelSheets
Unit 33 Getting the UI to come up for the first time
Unit 34 Achieving our first successful Framework run and looking at the kick-off script
Unit 35 Finalizing the kick-off script and running the framework
Unit 36 Free: Intro to running the regression suite
Unit 37 Free: Agile Lifecycle for Automated Testing 1
Unit 38 Free: Agile Lifecycle for Automated Testing 2
Unit 39 Free: Running the regression suite for qtp tutorial
Unit 40 Free: Learning the execution process flow of the KDF
Unit 41 Comparing changes of scripts after refactoring
Unit 42 Comparing changes of scripts after refactoring 2
Unit 43 Performance comparison run between KDF and TDF
Unit 44 Discussing the performance results
Unit 45 Getting ready to refactor the old function
Unit 46 Refactoring the function
Unit 47 Free: Comparing the old function to the new function
Unit 48 Free: Timing the KDF test case development
Unit 49 Free: Starting to develop the Test Driven Framework test case
Unit 50 Free: Running the TDF and seeing the performance
Unit 51 Free: Concluding statements of the course



  • Jon Zapolski

    This was a very good course and am very excited to hear more about the test driven framework mentioned towards the end. It definitely gave me more to think about the way I am defining our framework. Lot of helpful tips throughout. You guys continue to produce great work! Thank you for all your time on this site. It is such rich stuff.

    • QTPtutorialnet

      Did you watch the full tutorial on developing the framework?

      Glad to hear you liked it man. I hope it helps out on your project. Keep us up to date about whether it helps or not. Especially if it doesn’t help haha. I love to make improvements.

      • Jon Zapolski

        Yes, I went through the full tutorial. Like I said a lot of rich stuff. I especially like how you timed how long it took you to add a test and run it in KDF vs TDF. I didn’t think about doing something like that. I created a simple login and logout test case which I will use in seeing which framework is the most efficient. I am spending the rest of this week going through as much of your site as I can, and hopefully will have a framework defined.

        • QTPtutorialnet

          That’s great man. Just keep in mind that the bigger the test case, the more obvious the difference will be. Also, take everything into consideration from design until the test finishes running. Some tests may be easier to design, like a Recorded script, but maintenance will be a nightmare!

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