QTP and Identifying Objects like an Expert 1

Identifying objects in QTP is the real foundation of automation. As such, it is important for automation engineers to master this model. Unfortunately, not all automation engineers are well-versed in identifying objects in QTP. We at QTP Tutorial believe that in order to be experts in identifying objects, a thorough explanation is needed.

In the programming world, anything and everything is considered an object and each object has a state (aka property) and behavior (aka method/function). In this case, imagine a car. Its property can include color, while its behavior can include accelerate. And, every property has a value. For instance, the property color has a value of yellow, while the property door has a value of 2-door. In VBscript, one can identify and differentiate objects through its property. Therefore another car that is red and 1-door is entirely different from the other, in terms of its property and value.

In QTP, the ultimate goal is to figure out a combination of properties that will make an object unique. Doing such will enable you to manipulate the object’s method/function – in this case, the car’s ability to accelerate. Mastery of this concept will take you a step further in understanding the bigger picture of how automation works.


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