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I am 25 years old and going to make $140,000 this year doing automation testing. How did I get into this industry? I was not unlike yourself a few years back. I was looking for something that would provide me the most money for the least amount of hassle. I learned about being a Quality Assurance Automation Engineer and how the average individual at that position makes around $100,000. I found many different programs online teaching QA automation with QTP, but a lot of these programs had holes and missing information. Most of the learning I did was on my own and I spend hours upon hours looking for all of this information to be successful in this industry. The best part is that when I started, I had little no technical experience. All of my experience came when I received my first automation job. I sit here now at 25 years old making $140,000 and I know that any individual who is looking to get into this industry, can certainly do so with the right help. In the training courses I offer, I provide only the important information that you will need to know. I took all of the essential information that I use on a daily basis and I compiled into quick and easy 5 minute videos that will have you doing automation in no time. I take my years of experience and break it down for you in easy to learn courses that can have you automating in as little as a money.

Courses I cover:

Getting started with QTP/UFT
This is an essential course that will take you from never coding a single line, to learning on the job methodology, to coding your first automated framework! Every interviewer looks for individuals with this skill!
Complete VBscripting course.
This is the foundation of learning QTP/UFT. Many individuals try to skip through this, but this is essential in getting that first job. Our VBscripting course requires no prior technical experience. Just watch our 5 minute course videos and sit back as you receive calls for job offers left and right.
The most advanced and up to date Keyword Driven Framework Course
This course is the bread and butter for those $100,000 jobs. This course was created using a real time project and gives you the sneaky skills and tricks of the industry that will impress any automation expert.

I had my interview last week and received an offer for $104,000!


I just got a raise last week after learning the Keyword driven framework. I am making $121,000!!! Thanks so much!!!


Can't thank you enough!! I had no technical experience, but not I am making $93,000! A freaking blessing!!!


Most of the courses out there cost thousands of dollars but we are only charging $1 A DAY!

Try this course for 30 days. If you are not happy, we will refund your money. %100 money back guarantee!

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