Gold Star QTP videos

goldstarWhy is this page categorized as GOLD STAR? Because this is a collection of our FAVORITE, MOST USEFUL, and MOST USER REQUESTED videos!!! We wanted to make it easier for our viewers to access these videos all in one section. A lot of these QTP tutorials have never been covered on any other website. And a good number of these videos cover actual on the job scripts that help us and other QA Automation professionals day to day. Don't waste your time, the quicker you master these skills, the easier it will be for you to get a job.

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  • Corey Leffengton

    Great vids guys. I love how easy the videos are! I would love to see more on automated frameworks!

    • Thanks! We aim to make our videos as simple as possible so that anyone with a lack of technical background can learn QTP. Do you have a favorite video of ours?

  • faseeha

    hey man you are running an intellectual charity!! these vdos are awesssome! never make them paid, the reason we are here is that we dont have jobs 😀

    • This means a lot. Thank you for the kind words. Keep watching and we appreciate all the feedback. If you haven’t rated our videos, please do so 🙂

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