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Best Online Resources to Learn Automation Testing

Introduction I spent many years doing software test automation. Throughout those years I created a list of my favorite resources that helped me improve my skills. Below is that list. Most of the resources for learning test automation are focused on Selenium WebDriver because it is the most relevant technology today. However, some general resources […]


Proper Black Box Test Case Design-part 2-Boundary Value Analysis

Proper Black Box Test Case Design – Part 2 – Boundary Value Analysis Our second post in this series focuses on efficient test case design using black box testing. The goal of these posts is to make you better at designing test cases so that you can develop higher quality systems. In-depth explanations and practice […]


SQA QTP tutorial – WebList identified as a web element and how to select an item from this list

Hi. Today, I wanted to touch base on unorthodox objects that may appear as other objects. In my application, the web list appear as web elements and I wanted to show you a solution for selecting an item in this type of web list. In this situation, just treat it as a regular web element […]


Automation QTP tutorial-double clicking on any object

Hey guys. Todays tutorial is quick. If you want to double click on any object, just identify your current browser, page, and object you want to click on. But instead of the regular click method to click on it, we will user FireEvent(“ondblclick”). Browser(“Index:=0”).Page(“title:=.*”).WebElement(“innertext:=unique property name”).FireEvent “ondblclick” The Index of the Browser is dependent on how […]


Software Automation QTP tutorial – 5 top reasons for using automation

Hi. If you work at a company that’s not using automation yet, you are well behind the industry. Automation is still a relatively new concept in the industry, but is becoming an important part of every testing environment moving forward. Today, I am going to cover the top 5 reasons for including automation in your […]

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  • Maheswar Rao Vayugandla

    How to run multiple test scripts in a desired order in UFT?

    I was able to group the test cases into a Solution but not able to order them as per desired to run them in serial.

  • Sumeet Tambi

    Hi Trainer,

    I am finding it difficult to view the video on the
    website. This is slowing my progress. At the same time I am able to view
    youtube and facebook videos without any buffering problem.

    Can you please look into it and revert back?

    • QTPtutorialnet

      Sorry for your inconvenience. We will look into it and get back to you as soon as possible.

  • drolexa

    More then 10 days ago my access to QTP tutorial was blocked due to “too many IP’s accessing…”.
    I don’t understand what that means – I have only 2 devices and didn’t share my login.
    I sent a few emails with same question but still didn’t get any results
    Please give me access back and explain what’s wrong I do in accessing classes.
    My logon ID ‘olek21’.
    Thank you.

  • Jazz

    I have one question… Can i create test automation framework and write test automation scripts without application developed yet?

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