API Automation Testing is the Future

The graph above was constructed using Google Trends. Google is the #1 search engine in the world. This graph conveys the search trends for 5 terms: ‘API testing’, ‘GUI testing’, ‘GUI Automation’, ‘REST testing’, ‘SOAP Testing’. Basically, this shows the interest of the world about these topics and how often they are searched. Whether it is an employer searching for QA Engineers that can do API testing or a QA that is trying to learn REST Testing, they are all searching for these terms.

As you can see, ‘API testing’, ‘REST Testing’ and ‘SOAP Testing’ are clearly going in the upward direction. This simply implies that there is more interest in these topics over time. This also implies that there is a higher demand for these keywords. On the other hand, there is a clear downward trend for ‘GUI Testing’ and ‘GUI Automation’. This is because API Testing is known to produce a better ROI for a company. Therefore, why wouldn’t they invest more money in individuals who are knowledgeable in a skill that helps the company profit?

In conclusion, learning API Testing is going to be the best investment that an Automation Engineer can make right now. Specifically, RESTful APIs will be the greatest benefit. Automation Testing for GUI services is the worst investment that any QA can make for the future since the demand for this skill is declining. Therefore, learn Automation Testing for APIs to increase your job security, income and job options.

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