6.0 Functions and Subs

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Module 6 6.0 Functions and Subs
An important module on functions and subs for VBscript.
Unit 1 Notes for VBscript Functions and Subs for Automation Testing with UFT/QTP
Unit 2 Free: Intro to VBscript functions and subs
Unit 3 Free: Intro to VBscript subroutines
Unit 4 Free: Running a subroutine
Unit 5 Running a more complicated sub
Unit 6 Free: Explaining the subroutine
Unit 7 Free: Explaining how a subroutine works
Unit 8 Explaining how a sub works 2
Unit 9 Why a procedure is important
Unit 10 Why a procedure is important 2
Unit 11 Why a procedure is important 3
Unit 12 Sample function library
Unit 13 Intro to functions
Unit 14 Returning a result to a function
Unit 15 Analyzing functions
Unit 16 Returning arrays and objects to a function
Unit 17 Real scenarios using functions
Unit 18 Rules for using functions
Unit 19 Rules for using functions 2
Unit 20 Conclusion

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