5.0 Conditional Logic

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Module 5 5.0 Conditional Logic
Welcome to module 5 of our VBscript series that is designed to make you an expert in VBscript. In this module we are going to learn conditional logic and how to use the 'If' statements and the 'select case ' statements. This module will help you to understand how to create different flows in UFT tests based on certain conditions. Finally, you will get to see some real life application of functions used in Unified Functional Testing. Enjoy and leave a comment to let us know what you think!
Unit 1 Notes for VBscript Conditional Logic for Automation Testing with UFT/QTP
Unit 2 Free: Intro and 'If' statement
Unit 3 Free: 'If' statement 2
Unit 4 Free: 'Else' statement
Unit 5 Free: Nested If statements
Unit 6 Free: Final words on 'If'
Unit 7 'Select Case' statement
Unit 8 'Select Case' vs 'If Else' performance
Unit 9 Framework using conditional logic
Unit 10 Framework using conditional logic 2
Unit 11 Framework using conditional logic 3
Unit 12 Framework using conditional logic 4
Unit 13 Final summary of Conditional Logic

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