2.7-VBscript for UFT- Statements-Career Wisdom

Part 7 of the VBscript Statements series. This VBscript tutorial provides you key information on the life of an Automation Engineer and why it is so important to learn everything that we are teaching you here. We hope that with this video, you receive wisdom, that you cannot find on other websites.

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  • zahedur

    Incomplete part 1 video,how can I get the full part1 and part 2 ,re vbscript.

  • fairyv2

    Very nice!!! but will you be posting more videos of those eight topics which you have listed in this video.

  • faseeha

    great! impatiently waiting for the next vdo!

  • Maran

    Very excited. Even though I know few other languages(advanced) the essential parts is very useful to learn any language. Thanks a million.

  • KiranR

    Its really good, if you could come up with VBscript tutorial.

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